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We are your best alternative in import, export and merchandise nationalization services. We offer foreign trade legal advice so that your customs logistics operations are cleared in Peruvian territory quickly and without inconvenience.

We are your best ally in advice and merchandise nationalization in Peruvian territory

Experienced professionals, we quickly quote your shipments and we are authorized by SUNAT for your peace of mind.

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We offer comprehensive logistics services, which allows us to accompany you throughout the entire process, whether import, export and/or nationalization of merchandise, always complying with private and government regulations.

The import It is the purchase of goods or services from a foreign country for use in national territory. As the main import regimes in Peru, we have the following

1. Import for consumption
2. Reimportation in the same state; and
3. Temporary admission for re-export in the same state.

It refers to the physical departure of merchandise from Peruvian territory to any other country in the world. As the main Export regimes in Peru, we have the following:

1. Final export; and
2. Temporary export for reimport in the same state.

It is a special regime through which goods not belonging to Peru can be used within the Peruvian customs territory in one or more transformation operations without said goods being subject to import duties or other types of measures. As the main improvement regimes in Peru, we have the following:

1. Temporary admission for active training;
2. Temporary export for outward processing;
3. Drawback; and
4. Replacement of goods with tariff exemption.

The customs warehouse regime is one that allows merchandise that arrives in the Peruvian customs territory to be stored in a warehouse for a specific period and under customs control, without payment of customs duties and other taxes applicable to importation. For consumption, as long as they have not been requested under any customs regime nor are they in a situation of abandonment. As the main deposit regime in Peru, we have the following:

1. Customs warehouse

It allows the circulation in Peruvian territory of goods subject to customs control. The objective of the regime is to facilitate commercial transactions between the point of embarkation and the point of destination. As the main transit regimes in Peru, we have the following

1. Customs transit
2. Transfer; and
3. Reboarding.

The special or exceptional customs regime consists of a series of laws or regulations that control all administrative procedures, rights and duties that apply to all merchandise entered into Peruvian territory. These include:

1. Those indicated in article 98 of the Law.

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Mincetur: measures are being prepared to improve security in foreign trade

From July 2022 to January 2023, more than 10 working meetings were held with various state entities and business associations to identify challenges and develop concrete action proposals.

The project of the New Port Terminal of San Juan de Marcona in Peru is declared of interest

The Private Investment Promotion Agency (PROINVERSIÓN) and the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru (MTC) made official the declaration of interest in the project called “New Port Terminal of San Juan de Marcona”, located in the district of Marcona, province of Nazca, department of Ica.

DP World and Yilport will invest US$40 million. In increasing cargo capacity in the port of Paita

DP World, in association with Yilport, plans to invest an additional US$40 million until 2029 for the expansion and improvement of the capacity of the Paita Port Terminal, Gestión reported. It should be noted that recent operations have had as their main objective the optimization of the port's infrastructure and the improvement of truck access to increase its operating capacity.

Port modernization has allowed the development of foreign trade in Peru with greater productivity

The concession of the Port of Salaverry is one of the youngest, however, in four years of operation it has managed to increase its transported cargo, going from 2 million to almost 4 million tons per year thanks to the shock of investments in new infrastructure and technology. implemented in this terminal.

FTAs with Asian countries will boost exports, according to Mincetur

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Juan Carlos Mathews, stated that Peru is one of the most open economies in Latin America, having Free Trade Agreements (FTA) in force with 22 countries, within the framework of his presentation of advances in state policies and actions for the reactivation of its sector in the Foreign Trade and Tourism Commission of the Congress of the Republic.
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