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We accompany you throughout your import or export process.

Know us

GDM Aduanas, with an impeccable track record, is your reliable ally in the complex world of customs in Peru. Our unrivaled experience allows us to provide expert advice and unwavering efficiency at every step of the customs process. We take meticulous care of every detail to ensure that your goods cross borders without complications or unpleasant surprises.

About us?


Our commitment goes beyond regulations: we are dedicated to simplifying your import and export operations. Through a team of highly trained professionals and in-depth knowledge of regulations, we offer you the peace of mind of a partner who looks after your interests. At GDM Aduanas, we know that your success is at stake, and we are here to make sure your business grows.

Our history


GDM ADUANAS was formed with the objective of offering quality logistics and customs services, committed to continuous improvement to exceed expectations. Our passion, dedication and professionalism guide every action. The contribution of our collaborators has been vital to our growth and success. We recognize the dynamic customs industry and its challenges, trusting in our ethics and mentality of constant improvement to overcome obstacles

What do we offer you?


GDM Aduanas offers specialized services in import, export, processing, warehouse, customs transit in Peru. Our experience and in-depth knowledge of customs regulations ensure a hassle-free process.

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Discover Our Customs Services Process: Optimization and Adherence in International Trade.

In order to help you with your import/export requirement, the following information is required (note that the supplier is the one who provides this information): 

  • Weight
  • Dimensions (length x height x width)
  • Number of packages
  • Incoterms
  • Pickup address (at origin)
  • Port of destination
  • Invoice Value
  • Delivery address (at destination)
  • HS Code / Tariff heading (optional)

Once the quote from GDM customs (us) is accepted, the importer (you) must send the following information in order to notify our office at origin and begin the corresponding coordination: 

  • Company name of the supplier
  • Contact person
  • Telephone contact
  • Email
  • Company name of the importer

Once you have received the pre-alert (cargo arrival notification), we will be requesting the following documentation to begin the nationalization process.

  • Commercial invoice
  • Invoice translation
  • Packing List (optional)
  • Proof of payment to the supplier
  • International Cargo Insurance
  • Bill of Lading (BL)
  • Notice of Arrival
  • Electronic mandate
  • Certificate of Origin (optional)
  • Detallar Dirección de entrega Final

Finally, when the cargo is already released, our customs area personnel will begin coordinating the delivery of your merchandise.

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We have the most qualified personnel to make your projects come to fruition.


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In the comprehensive logistics service our main task is to facilitate the import, export and nationalization processes of merchandise to our client, always offering efficient and assertive alternatives.

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